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My super-fun two weeks

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Well for once I have a valid excuse for not having updated my blog in far, far too long. I've been in the hospital with malaria, and let me tell you there isn't anything more fun than that.

It all started last Thursday, October 11, when I woke up with a headache and feeling queasy. I went to work, but by afternoon was running a fever and felt miserable. I went home around 5, got in bed, and didn't get up until the following morning. That night I was so feverish (103.5 degrees) that Laura called Sameer, our boss (and a doctor) for advice, which was take some Tylenol and try to sleep it off. The next morning I was just as feverish and ill, so Sameer sent us to his father-in-law who has a practice not too far from our apartment. He ran some blood tests and the like, which came back negative for malaria, typhoid, and all the other scary tropical diseases. He gave me prescription-strength fever reducer, vitamins, and some antibiotics, figuring it was either a viral fever (very common in Mumbai) or a stomach parasite of some sort. I took my pills and rested all through the weekend and on Monday, but didn't feel any better. Every evening and every morning the pills would wear off and my fever would return, and bring with it the chills and all sorts of other fun.

Finally, on Tuesday, we went back to the doctor, who ran more blood tests and, upon observing that my blood count was low, recommended that I be admitted. He gave me a bed in the small hospital/clinic he runs and started me on an IV. He also decided that even though my malaria tests were still negative, I exhibited all the signs and symptoms and started me on anti-malarials and a host of other antibiotics and IV injections. The only thing they all shared in common was their remarkably similar taste, which was sort of a mix between bile and chalk. And yes, I'm still taking them, and yes, I am bitter about it. But not as bitter as the taste.

My room in the clinic was clean, small, and that's about it. It was my hospital bed, a small cot for Laura, and an IV. Luckily it had an attached bathroom, but unfortunately it did not contain a shower. I also didn't come prepared with a change of clothes, so needless to say that after a few days I started to smell kinda bad. In fact, really bad. There was also no AC, and this being India, it was kinda hot. On the plus side, it was clean, most of the nurses were very nice, and the medication was potent.

I was in the clinic from Tuesday evening until Saturday afternoon, after which time I had taken my full anti-malarial course and my fever had vanished for 72 hours. So here I am now on Monday afternoon, still at home and sick, but on the road to recovery. I no longer have a fever or any of the associated symptoms, but I'm still very weak and exhausted and spend most of my day sleeping. I have a few more days of antibiotics, and a follow-up appointment with the doctor to get more blood work done, but hopefully by the end of the week I should be back to 100% and annoying you all again with inane blog postings.

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Feel better, buddy. Also, I can't help but wonder if your fate is spiritually tied to the Red Sox seeing as how when you were sick they were down 3-1 and they won three straight once you started receiving treatment.

by APStern

If my mom ever reads this, she would cripple me before ever letting me visit you guys.

by Finney

Sleeping most of the day, feeling weak, inane emails? I'm happy to see that your battle with marsh fever.



by adubs1984

Did you know that Malaria can make you impotent?

by jonreidy

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