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I apologize for this all-too-lengthy delay in updating my blog; especially since I know you are all breathlessly awaiting each installment. The reason I have been unable to write recently is simply that I have had no internet access. Laura and I are now in Mumbai, and our office does not have internet. We were issued data cards, by which we can access the internet via mobile phone signals, but the ones we were given were slightly deficient, to put it nicely. However, we have now procured functioning data cards, the internet has been restored, and you can all relax knowing that you will again be able to enjoy the sublime intricacies of my prose.

But on a serious note, these few days without internet has also given me a backlog of work which, shockingly, takes precedence over updating my blog. So a full update will be forthcoming, presumably this weekend, and until then thank you for your patience.

And now that the serious note is over, I have a question for all of you. I am shocked and appalled at the lack of snarky comments left by my loyal readers. Why is this? How come nobody has yet to make fun of me or my writing? I'm looking at you, Derek Mullins, and you, Katie Macelbner.

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I posted a snarky comment but a tiny monkey stole it.

by APStern

I'm not sure about 'snarky.'
I can't even do snarkastic.

I will read your journal. I fully expect to be amused, entertained, or educated by your words.
Although i don't know you.........any friend of Laura can be a friend of mine.

Gentleman...start your search-engine!

by stasiuk

thank you for the blog entry that told us nothing at all. how fascinating to learn that Indians have mobile phones. Please, keep up the blogs that promise more later, without issuing any real information themselves. (And are your initials really D.J.? Like on Full House? That's awesome.)

by katietm

Hi! Would you be offended if I told you that your prose suggests a male, working class version of Emily Berate?

by erinlamb

I'm sorry I realize looking at that quote that it is probably suppose to be Emily Bronte but the Family Guy quotes website is not up to par on English literature.

by erinlamb

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